Top 10 Chores for Kids 10 and Under

Top 10 Chores for Kids 10 and Under
Doing chores at a young age can help children develop responsibility and self-management skills that benefit them well into adulthood. For younger kids, the best chores can be double-duty learning experiences. Here are our top 10 chores for kids 10 and under. 
  1. Sorting dirty laundry Sorting laundry does more than teach kids the importance of never mixing red and white clothes in the wash -- it can help them learn even more skills! Teaching children to group like items by color, tone, and texture can aid visual learning which makes difficult concepts easier to understand. 
  2. Putting away clean laundry Matching socks can be a fun game, and putting away laundry also teaches organizational skills!
  3. Putting things away when not in use Teach your kids about the consequences of procrastination by showing them how much easier it is to take care of a chore as it comes up instead of letting things pile up over time. This also teaches kids how to care for their belongings so that they last longer -- for example, putting the cap back on the Play-Doh to keep it from drying out! 
  4. Caring for pets Feeding, walking, and brushing pets with parental supervision can be a great way for children to learn empathy and care for other living things -- developing kinder kids in the process. 
  5. Gardening Like caring for pets, helping in the garden or with indoor plants can also show kids how to nurture living things. It’s also a great way to learn how things grow and see where their food comes from! 
  6. Helping prepare food Letting your child help in the kitchen can be an invaluable gift. Whether they’re peeling vegetables, adding ingredients to a recipe, or just stirring a nice pot of soup, understanding and appreciating how their food is prepared can lead to healthier eating habits and better food choices! 
  7. Setting the table Setting the table can help children understand prepositions like in, under, and on top of. For example, the plate goes on top of the placemat, the napkin goes under the spoon, the soup goes in the bowl.
  8. Waking up to an alarm Mornings are more peaceful when kids learn to wake up on their own without mom coming in to yank off the covers. Asking kids to take responsibility for themselves can help foster independence!
  9. Picking out clothes Like being responsible for waking yourself up, dressing yourself is key to independence. It also affords kids the autonomy to explore self expression in their clothing. 
  10. Writing thank you notes An attitude of gratitude is an essential part of a fulfilling life. Get kids started early by asking them to express thanks to others in ways big and small!
Chores don’t have to only be about getting work done -- they can teach kids valuable life lessons and help build foundations for healthy habits for years to come! Selecting the most appropriate tasks for your child will set them up for success -- we hope this list helps inspire you to get your little ones more involved. Did we miss one of your family’s favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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