How to Get Kids Excited For Chores

How to Get Kids Excited For Chores

Studies show that people who were responsible for doing housework in childhood are generally happier later in life. Think about how much more painful chores can be when you’ve learned to dread doing them! Sometimes the anticipation of having to do chores can be even worse than just getting them done. However, setting up good habits early on can alleviate the stress of procrastination all together -- plus building a strong foundation early in life makes it all the more simple to stay on top of responsibilities later when you learn that the laundry fairy was just your mom in disguise this whole time! 


So how do we help set up these good habits and foundations of responsibility for our kids? It all starts with parents and their attitudes towards chores. If your kids watch you groan over dishes and drag your feet through housekeeping, they will follow suit. Instead, make chores fun, and let your kids join you! The more playful you can make daily tasks, the more they will perceive housework as an enjoyable activity they get to do with you! 


Now that you’ve helped your kids frame the way they think about chores in a positive way get them engaged with their responsibilities. There are many ways to achieve this. You can give your children their very own tools with which to complete their chores. Having their own stuff will make them feel like an intricate part of the process. The more interactive you can make it, the better. Have a dance party while doing dishes! Challenge your kids to compete to see who can put away the most toys, or race to get ready the fastest in the morning! Options are limitless as long as you’re having fun! 


Because some days, even the peppiest of dance songs can’t make vacuuming fun, it’s crucial to keep your kids engaged in the process. Let them help in crafting their own routines. Provide autonomy, and let them choose which chores they want to complete for the day, or mix it up and give them new tasks to chew on to keep things interesting. If you can keep kids challenged, you will keep them engaged. Another way to keep kids engaged is to make them feel like a vital member of a team that takes care of things together. Give them purposeful tasks so they can see how their help affects the whole household! 


With a few simple adjustments, parents can make chores a fun part of the daily routine. Just remember -- keep it playful, keep it purposeful, and keep it interesting. Soon your kids will be racing you to the washing machine!

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