High Calorie Meal Suggestions For Kids

High Calorie Meal Suggestions For Kids
Many times, as a parent, for different reasons, you might find yourself looking for healthy meals with a high-calorie count for your children. High calories shouldn't have to be high sugar, and high processed cereals so let’s take a look at some suggestions for healthy high-calorie meals for children.
​Maybe you're looking for high-calorie meals because your child is not gaining enough weight, or because, like mine, he is a fussy eater. You're not only looking for high caloric options but food that he’s going to eat. 
You can start all these suggestions for healthy high calories meals in your child’s eating at once, or choose some of them. Our advice is to start gradually, to see how your child reacts to change, and then increase his daily calories with a variety of food provided. 
It's a good rule always to remember that your child has a small stomach; therefore it will be better to provide all the calories he needs in high-density food with optimum calories. 

In both cases, you need to make sure that what he eats is filled with calories. And, of course, you will want to be sure he is eating healthy. Let’s see a list of suggestions and of healthy high calories meals that we are sure both you and your child will love!

  • Make sure to include in your child’s diet some healthy, high calories snacks during the day. It might be hard to make your children get all the calories you want from just lunch, dinner and breakfast. That’s why you should provide snacks during the day, like a banana, mango, avocado, raisin or banana bread.
  • When you need some ideas for a healthy dessert rich in calories, you might also consider, in addition to fresh fruit, dried fruit like raisins, which adds calories and fiber without overstretching your child’s stomach.
  • Make some small portions for your child, to make sure he will eat them all; Always remember that your children will likely have a small tummy, therefore small, caloric portions will work better.
  • Make sure to add good fats to their meals. Olive oil or cheese is good. These you can add basically to every main course, such as pasta, vegetables, potatoes or carrots. A cheese-based snack during the afternoon might work as well.
  • Include dairy products in your children’s diet. Full-fat dairy products are preferred, such as milk, cheese, and yogurts. You can combine these with fresh fruit and honey.
  • Replace junk food with healthy alternatives. Prepare hamburgers at home with non-industrial ingredients, and avoid french fries. Replace them with roasted potatoes. Make homemade smoothies or milkshakes.

It is also important to always discuss your child’s diet with your pediatrician.

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