4 Fun Ways To Help Your Kids Escape Summer Slide

4 Fun Ways To Help Your Kids Escape Summer Slide

Right about now your kid is probably vegged out on the couch with an iPad playing his favorite game shooting bubbles (or whatever they do with bubbles in that game). While “down time” is one of the greatest perks of summer break, the result of all that downtime is what educators call the summer slide

By the time your little one returns to school next fall, he may have lost one month’s worth of learning as a result of not keeping skills fresh over the summer.
How do you, as a parent, combat this?
Here are four ways to keep your child learning throughout the summer break.

Play online learning games
Try making a few copies from that thick summer workbook and have the kids work for 5-10 minutes with a pencil, crayon, or colored pencil on those written skills. The reward for finishing that can be 5-10 minutes on your choice of educational iPad apps or computer games.
Of course, there are iPad settings to keep your child on the app you directed them to so they don’t sneak back to their bubble game. 
Or you can use Amazons's FreeTime. Settings can be determined by age, but my favorite feture is the setting that will only open the game apps after a predetermined reading time is finished. Also, betime and max screen times can be set :).

Schedule a field trip

Schedule a day each week or month to go on a family outing. Pick a new place in your community each summer that you have never visited, and when you can, sneak in learning along the way. For example, let your child “navigate” (while secretly listening to Siri’s turn instructions) and read road signs along the route.
Not every place you choose has to be a winner, but you’re creating memories and having experiences together.

Cook together

Have you ever let your child choose the family’s dinner for a day? Set parameters (no candy for dinner!) but allow her to pick her menu, shop for the food, and help prepare the meal. There are all sorts of learning opportunities hidden in this experience – reading instructions, writing lists, measuring ingredients, and of course, learning how to cook.
Interested? Look online for age-appropriate cooking skills.

Create a project

​Craft a DIY project for your child. Our kids here at Cadily are fanatics about Kiwi Crates. Kiwi Crates arrive at your doorstep with all the materials and instructions you would need to do age-appropriate science experiments and art projects at home.
WIN a one-year Kiwi Crate subscription for your family! Follow along with Cadily this summer and learn how you can WIN a Kiwi Crate.

Happy summer, and happy learning!

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