How long does it take to get a child into a routine?

How long does it take to get a child into a routine?
Summer is ending, and even though we are ready to send our kids back to school, are we prepared for the hectic mornings that come with getting a child out the door? Those lazy summer mornings will turn into combat zones, as we try to push and prod little Johnny out from under the covers and at the same time try to get ready for our days as well. Mornings with kids are stressful.
One way to alleviate some of this drama is to develop a set routine. Don’t wait to start the routine until the kids go back to school. It is time now. Here are a few tips to start getting your child ready for school.
  • Get them to bed on time. Bedtime and wake up time can be the grounds for some of the biggest battles. Have your kids start going to bed 10-15 minutes earlier each night until you reach their bedtime for the school year. Buy blackout curtains for their rooms if they complain that it is too light outside to go to bed. Next week we’ll be posting about sleep schedules, stay tuned!
  • Set a schedule. Talk to your kids about how their schedules will change when school starts. Let everyone in the household have access to the family calendar. Show them the order of events for each weeknight. For example, let them know when they will practice with their soccer team and what night piano lessons will fall. Talk about when they will complete their household chores, and when they can enjoy some free time.
  • Organize their space. Get your house organized as well. Show your children where they will place their next day’s clothes that they will pick out the evening before. Purchase the supplies for the kids to make their own school lunches, and keep them in a place where the kids can reach. Hang a series of hooks by the back door to show the kids where they will place their jackets and backpacks at the end of the school day.
  • Set an example. Model good behavior by getting into a routine for yourself. Figure out which nights will be difficult to prepare dinner, and plan crockpot meals for those nights. Schedule your time to work out. Schedule date nights with your spouse, because we all know that if we don’t plan those ahead of time, they don’t happen. Share your schedule with your children so they can see you following good habits as well.
Don’t get caught in a continuous loop of morning battles with your kids. The best way to have a smooth-running morning is to have clear expectations for your kids and a plan. 

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